Field Trips and Outdoor Learning

Learn, Explore and Discover Irelands seashore plants and animals with SEASHOREKIDS.  In one field trip kids can learn about the rich marine life we have on our door step. They will have hands-on experience exploring and discovering the flora and fauna on the seashore for themselves.



Mona provides a service to schools both in the classroom and out in the field.  Field trips can be one-off or be part of a series of workshops in different marine environments (eg. rocky, sandy or muddy shores).

Classroom Workshops

Mona will visit your classroom and teach the students about the different types of shores we have in Ireland, the different types of flora and fauna that you would expect to find at these shores and different sampling techniques required in each habitat.  This will be done in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and with specimens that the students can handle.

She will brief them about the tides and lunar cycles and cover all safety aspect of exploring on the sea shore.  Students will be told about their upcoming field trip and what to expect.

Field Trips

Field trips will be conducted at low tide at selected sites.  Kids will be divided into groups and given a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ to complete.  They will follow Mona to the low water mark and start to explore with her and in their groups.  In doing so they will learn all about the common seaweeds and animals that live on these shores.  This amounts to over 40 species in just one session on a rocky shore.  The students tend to learn more in this environment than in a class situation.

In addition to learning, these trips are great for team and class building and getting the students away from their books, computers and phones and out into nature. Oh, and there is always time for a well earned treat at the end!

Private Groups, Summer Camps and Birthday Parties

SEASHOREKIDS brings out private group, summer camps and birthday parties (minimum 10 people) to a number of sites in South County Dublin.

We meet on the beach at low tide where we explain what we are going to do and what to expect.  Then, with the help of a scavenger hunt we all go down to the waters edge and work together to find the plants and animals on the sea shore.  This generally takes about 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the group and weather and is always followed by a well earned treat!

Field trips are ideally suited to children from 6 years upwards but younger siblings are welcome and may need to be helped by their parents (as the rocks are a bit slippery).

When do Field Trips occur?

All Field trips are conducted at low tide, which means they are at different times everyday. We are flexible as to when we work to accommodate schools and groups and can tailor our trips to suit your individual needs. Weekdays, weekends and evenings are all possible as long as its low tide!  Field trips are mainly conducted when the weather is good and generally run from April to the end of October.


SEASHOREKIDS has full public liability insurance.


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